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Purchasing Used Drill Pipe

At John Lawrie Oilfield we carry an extensive selection of re-certified pipes for drilling. We carry premium class (double white band) and class 2 (yellow band) used drill pipe. These used pipes have been thoroughly inspected and will work perfectly for all your drilling needs. We also have a great selection of used drill collars that come in sizes 3 ½ to 9 ½ inches and are either spiraled or slick. In addition to our immense selection of used pipe, we carry an extensive range of new drill pipe.

More information: Premium Drill Pipe

Excellent Oilfield Tubulars

With over 16,000 joints in our yard, John Lawrie Oilfield can handle just about any order at any time. Placing your trust in us allows us to provide you the best oilfield tubulars whenever you want them. Our large yard is family owned and is one of the largest private businesses in Scotland as well as one of the largest providers of new heavy weight drill pipe. This has gained us recognition throughout Scotland as reputable business with a quality product. We also deal worldwide with many of our customers coming from Asia and Europe to purchase quality Hevi Wate drill pipe from us.

Brand New Drill Pipe

Our selection of new pipes is what sets John Lawrie Oilfield apart from the rest. We carry a full range of API brand new drill pipe in sizes 2 7/8" to 6 5/8" and a variety of different grades. We have all the pipes that any project needs for completion. We can also add an internal plastic coating to any new or used drill pipe you purchase from us in order to give it added protection against corrosive and detrimental drilling fluids that could damage your newly purchased pipe.

Hevi Wate: Standard and Spiraled

If you're looking for an intermediate weight drill stem member, you've come to the right place. Being the industry standard, our Hevi Wate pipes come in either standard or spiraled and can be made from a single bar or through a welding process. We carry various sizes and guarantee that if you're looking for this type of pipe you'll find it at our Oilfield.

We invite you to browse through our website and through our informative articles to learn more about oilfield tubulars and the products that we carry here at John Lawrie Oilfield.